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Hello! I'm Céline Gouin,
postdoctoral research at IAP in Paris
working on Cosmology & Astrophysics

I am working on the large scale structures of the Universe by using both hydrodynamical cosmological simulations and large galaxy surveys.

I am focused on probing galaxy cluster environments, where filaments connect to clusters which are the nodes of the large scale cosmic web.


Céline Gouin

Postdoctoral Researcher


Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris

 98bis Bd Arago,

 75014 Paris




2024 - ...

Postdoctoral Researcher

Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris (IAP, France)

I am currently working on the influence of large-scale cosmic web environments on the evolution of galaxy clusters, from proto-cluster (z>2) to clusters, in the context of the upcoming WEAVE data.

Supervision: Clotilde Laigle


Research fellow

Korea Institute for Advance Study (KIAS,Korea)

I was working on the influence of large-scale cosmic web environments on the evolution of galaxy clusters, by using HR5 simulations  and spectroscopic galaxy survey.

Supervision: Prof. Changbom Park


ERC-funded postdoctoral position 

Institut d'Astrophysique Spatiale (IAS,France)

Topic: The mass assembly history of galaxy clusters 
             (simulations and large galaxy survey)

Supervision: Nabila Aghanim - ERC-funding project ByoiPiC


PhD student

Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris (IAP,France)

Title"Numerical methods for the prediction of gravitational lensing signal as a probe of the mass content on the Universe"
Supervisors:  Raphaël Gavazzi and Christophe Pichon



Galaxy clusters and their large scale environments

Azimuthal matter distribution

Hot plasma core

Cluster connectivity


Mass assembly history

WHIM in filaments

Large-scale cosmic web

Cluster morphology

Bulding up of massive structures

Galaxy properties along the cosmic web

Pre-processing of galaxies by filaments

Anisotropic accretion processes


Galaxy spin

Morphology of galaxy

Quenshing of galaxies

Cold gas inflow

Cosmic Noon

Gravitational lensing

galaxy-galaxy lensing

Cosmic shear

Impact of baryonic physics at small scales

Magnification bias

mock lensed images

Euclid mission

Strong lensing signal from clusters




Soft X ray emission from clusters & filaments

CGM emission from TNG simulation
Gouin, Celine Bonamente, Massimiliano ;​ Galárraga-Espinosa, Daniela ;

Walker, Stephen ;​Mirakhor, Mohammad

Evolution of filaments in the MTNG simulation
Implication: Connectivity evolution

Galárraga-Espinosa, Daniela Cadiou, Corentin Gouin, Céline White, Simon D. M. Springel, Volker ; et al


Back to the future of galaxy clusters
Press Releases CNRS & Université Paris Sud & INAF

Gouin C., Aghanim N., Dole H., Polletta M.,​ Park C.

Star formation activity from protoclusters
to clusters

Questioning Planck-selected star-forming high-redshift galaxy protoclusters and their fate

Gouin C., Aghanim N., Dole H., Polletta M.,​ Park C.

Properties of gas around clusters

Gas distribution from clusters to filaments in IllustrisTNG

Gouin C., Gallo S., Aghanim N.


Properties of galaxies in the cosmic web

On the relative effect of nodes and filaments of the

cosmic web on the quenching of galaxies and

the orientation of their spin

Malavasi, N.,​ Langer M.,​ Aghanim N.,​ Galárraga-Espinosa D.,​ and Gouin C.


Populations of filaments

Populations of filaments from the distribution of galaxies in numerical simulations

Galárraga-Espinosa D., Aghanim N., Langer M.​, Gouin C., Malavasi N.

Galaxy evolution around clusters
Probing the azimuthal environment of galaxies around clusters. From cluster core to cosmic filaments

Gouin C., Aghanim N., Bonjean V., Douspis M.


Influence of baryons on weak lensing
Weak lensing in the Horizon-AGN simulation lightcone. Small-scale baryonic effect

Gouin, C. ;Gavazzi, R. ;Pichon, C. ;Dubois, Y. ;Laigle, C. ;Chisari, N. E. ;Codis, S. ;Devriendt, J. ;Peirani, S.


Theoretical azimuthal signature of clusters
On the projected mass distribution around galaxy clusters . A Lagrangian theory of harmonic power spectra

Codis, Sandrine ;​Gavazzi, Raphaël ;​Pichon, Christophe ;​ Gouin, Céline

Azimuthal matter distribution in cluster

Multipolar moments of weak lensing signal around clusters. Weighing filaments in harmonic space

Gouin, C. ;Gavazzi, R. ;Codis, S. , Pichon, C. ;Peirani, S. ;Dubois, Y.

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